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Carpet Cleaning Funny Stories

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Every household that has installed a carpet on their floors knows exactly how important it is to maintain the carpet. There are several advantages of using a carpet including the comfort it provides, the warmth it gives during cold weather, how it silences noises usually created when we walk on the floor, as well as the aesthetics it provides. it is also very fast to clean especially when you call carpet cleaning Fort Wayne services.

Many hese homeowners have their own certain stories that tell about their one particular experience on their carpets. Here, we will be sharing with you two stories of carpet cleaning that turned out to be remarkable and funny.

Story Number 1

“There was one time we got an IT company who requested for a carpet cleaning service. We immediately sent out a professional carpet cleaner as a response, and of course, he reached the place earlier than the expected time. He started to clean the place as soon as he got there. The office was empty because that day was a Holiday.

The carpet was originally red and was newly bought for around six months. He suddenly noticed that the area he was cleaning turned to green, and this made him looked terrified as he thought he damaged the carpet with the solution that he used. He tried to fix the problem and find ways until he noticed that as the carpet begins to dry, its original color was also coming back. He took a deep sigh and laugh about it. He finished his job and the client was very happy about the results of the service.”

Story Number 2

“My story began with miscommunication. Everyone knows the deal and the potential risk of being misinformed especially when you are just obeying what the client demands.

We have a client who works as a property manager in his apartments in Sydney. These rooms are either rented by a family or couple or sometimes they are empty. One day, we got a call and a request to clean the carpet at room apartment room number 6. Our cleaner, dedicated to his job, went straight ahead to apartment number 6 and opened the door, as the door was unlocked and we were informed that the room was empty.

What he found and saw dropped his jaw. He saw an old lady dressed with nothing! As a gentleman as he is, he immediately turned his back while uttering “sorry” for multiple times before closing the door.

It turned out that our client, the property manager, told us the wrong number and intended to request a carpet cleaning in apartment number 7 and not 6.

It was not the fault of our cleaner as he was just doing his job. However, he still feels embarrassed about what happened and we can’t still stop laughing about it!”

I am sure that you also have some unforgettable stories that you have about your carpet cleaning experience. We want to know yours! Share them to us by giving your story on the comment section below or e-mail them to us!

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