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Things to Consider When Hiring a Decking Contractor 

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Homeowners have to think about a huge list of aspects if they want to create their desired decks. These aspects don’t come to mind readily. They don’t even appear to logically fit together. One of these aspects is hiring the right decking contractor.  


Fortunately, we’re here to help. Before you proceed with your wood or composite decking project, here are a couple of things to think about when hiring a decking contractor: 

Questions to Ask a Decking Contractor 

It is vital to gain insight into how the company manages projects from beginning to end once you meet with potential builders. Also, you’ve got to check samples of their previous work. Preparing questions early on is the best way to do this. Here are a couple of questions that you can ask a decking contractor: 

  • Do you have references to share? 
  • Do you have proper insurance and business license? 
  • Do you tackle municipal permitting? 
  • Does your company help design the deck or will you require a professional architecture? 
  • What’s the lead time for a new decking project? 
  • What decking materials do you utilize? 
  • What are the specialties of your company? 

When it comes to choosing a decking contractor, making the ideal choice isn’t only decided by the questions that you ask and their answers. You should also consider the questions they’re going to ask you. A varied and strong portfolio will always be supplemented by a long list of various references that show a trend instead of a decking contractor choosing among a couple of satisfied customers.  

When a contractor gives you a list of references, here are a couple of questions to ask: 

  • Was the project done on budget and on time? 
  • Did you feel as though you’re updated and listened throughout the project? 
  • Did any issues or difficulties arise throughout the project? If the answer is yes, how were they resolved? 
  • Will you hire this decking contractor again? 

Things to Look for in a Decking Contractor 

Their experience as deck builders as well as designers is one of the most vital elements in picking the right decking contractor. A varied and extensive portfolio of finished projects is simply one of the first steps to making sure that they’ve got the extensive design experience that sets them apart.  

Making sure that they use the latest technology, methods, and tools to both build and design the decks is another vital thing to consider. You can only know this through interviews.  

Almost any deck contractor will help in thinking about how the area will be utilized to some degree. A decking contractor that is highly experienced in custom decks will be far more comprehensive when it comes to helping you analyze various uses. Some of the vital considerations to make include orientation of the home on the lot, the orientation of the sun to the yard’s topography, and much more.  

Of course, these considerations can only be achieved if you do your job. You’ve got to do your research first before you hire a decking contractor 

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